Options and Discounts

Basic WJ-IV: $95

     This combination of subtests includes comprehension, fluency, and skills in Reading, Math, and Written Language.  This meets the North Carolina DNPE requirements for yearly testing.

Basic Plus WJ-IV: $140

     We recommend this combination of subtests for students during their middle and early high school career.  The additional knowledge that you gain from this combination of tests and scores will help you determine your child’s readiness for high school and college level work.   These subtests involve higher-order thinking skills.  In addition to the Basic subtests, your child will be tested in Science, Social Studies, Humanities, Number Matrices, Reading Recall, Reading Vocabulary, and Editing.

Tests of Cognitive Abilities IV:  $175 —  or $250 with a Basic Achievement test (recommended)

*PRICES ARE INCREASING JANUARY 2019 = $225 — or $300 with a Basic Achievement test*

No discounts are provided for this testing.  Please note that Cognitive testing is not offered during April and May during our busy season.    

     These subtests measure the underlying cognitive skills students use while learning. These skills are also known as their cognitive abilities or general intelligence (IQ). The information that you will receive from these tests will help you better understand how to help your child learn.  The cognitive skills assessed are: comprehension-knowledge, fluid reasoning, processing speed, short-term working memory, long-term memory, visual processing, and auditory processing.

     The Tests of Cognitive Abilities gives you a clear picture of how your child’s brain interacts with new information. When both the achievement and cognitive abilities tests are administered, you can see how cognitive strengths and weaknesses are impacting school achievement. Please contact Serena Manning M.Ed. with any questions that you may have. She may be reached at info@lighthouseedu.net.

Comprehensive Reading Assessment:   $150

     We recommend this combination of tests for students who are struggling with reading. Your child will be assessed in the areas of reading outlined by the National Reading Panel:  phonemic awareness, decoding/phonics, language/vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.  This will not meet testing requirements for DNPE.  To meet DNPE yearly testing requirements, you can add achievement testing for $50 (total price=$200).

Educational Consultations:   $75  for a 90 minute session

     We can assist you in designing and implementing your homeschool scope and sequence. We help parents at the beginning of their homeschool journey through planning for college admissions and transcript preparation.  In order to get the most out of your session, please send the consultant your list of questions before your meeting.

Winter Discount:   $15 discount

     Schedule your family’s achievement testing for the months of January or February and receive a $15 discount on achievement testing (except on Cognitive testing).