“We are new to homeschooling.  When do I have to test my child?”     The Department of Non-Public Education requires that you test your child BEFORE their 8th birthday, then once each year after that.

I’m not sure which grade level test I want my child to take. What do you suggest?”     Each WJ-IV test booklet contains work for all grade levels. Every child begins with work that they are comfortable with and then proceeds from that point. Your child can work at different grade levels within the same booklet. Your LES consultant will know which work is appropriate for your child.

“Do we need to finish our text books before testing?”       No. Scoring is based on the year and month of school that your child is in. Testing is available any month of the year. Some families prefer testing early. This allows them to take advantage of our winter discount and to have a good measure of what their child has mastered mid-year.

“My child is distractable. Is this a good test for them?”    Absolutely. The WJ-IV is given to individual children in a comfortable setting. Your child will not have the distraction of other children in the room. Your LES consultant will encourage your child as he works. Our consultants have worked with all kinds of learners and understand that some children need to move or have the freedom to talk while they are working. Children must work quietly only during the three short timed tests.

“I think that my child may have a learning disability. Can you tell me if they definitely have a learning disability?”     Our consultants have worked with all kinds of learners. We can discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as make recommendations as to how you can best work with your child.  Our Tests of Cognitive Abilities is especially helpful in outlining these strengths and weaknesses. However, we do not diagnose specific learning disabilities. The NCSU Psychoeducational Clinic offers comprehensive psychological evaluations and is very homeschool-friendly. Not only will they provide a diagnosis, but they can make specific educational recommendations. Contact the NCSU Psychoeducational Clinic for more information.